2014 Big Pig Shiraz

In trying to imagine this wine, think of the biggest Shiraz in the world. Thats a good starting point...

To make this style we go down to McLaren Vale in SA and start looking around our vineyards down there. Basically, it's gotta be big.

Big colour.
Big flavour.
Big ripeness.

Please note, when I'm using the word big here I don't mean in an aggressive sense. More in a
voluptuous, enveloping way. Anyhow, the wine is made in American Oak barrels supplied by a cooper renowned for producing barrels with a distinct mocha coffee character. 

In the blending we found a 5% addition of Chris Walls Shiraz from Orange added some elegance to the wine as did a trace amount of Viognier. The resultant wine is coming in around 17% alcohol with a nose of blackberry jam and coffee. 

Although this wine will cellar, in my opinion the people who like drinking it like it because, it's, well, big.
As wines age they mellow. So, to get the full effect drink it young.

An Australian summer may not be the best time to drink 17% alcohol Shiraz, so either crank up the air con or drink it in the dead of winter with a slow cooked meat dish.

The 2014 Big Pig is currently off the counter and Linda is allocating it into orders. To have her put some aside for you or have some placed in to your club pack please contact her on 65747000 or bosshog@piggspeake.com

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