2014 Bushpig

Those who have met the Bushpig will not have forgotten her.............

Down in McLaren Vale we found an old (planted in 1897) bushvine Grenache vineyard and managed to talk the grower into supplying Piggs with some of the fruit. Make no mistake, good Grenache is really sexy. Its so different, perfumed, spicy with this core of sweet fruit. Its very seductive.

In the winery it often gets blended with a bit of Shiraz or viognier to fill it up, smooth it out and lift it up (a bit of a nip and tuck exercise for our bush pig). This is one of the wines from our top range and it does get hit hard every year.

Its always best to Contact Linda and make sure you are in the allocation for this wine.

Cellar Door $80

Lucky Swines $68

Piggs Peake Wines

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