2014 House of Bricks Grenache Shiraz Viognier

If you have had the 2013 House of Bricks Grenache then you will be relieved to see this wine back again. Linda keeps asking me if we were doing it again as there were so many requests for it.

This year (like last year) the wine has Shiraz and Viognier in it, but this year the Shiraz and Viognier component was larger and so those varietals had to be put on the label.

Sorry for the confusion. Bloody government! I’ll just get on the soap box for a moment.

If a wine isnt at least 85% pure, you cant name it by its varietal. So an 80% grenache 20% Shiraz blend cant be named Grenache. Fair enough. Winemakers have to keep scrupulous records and periodically we are audited by the government to ensure we adhere to these rules.

The penalties for non-adherence can be severe (but I must admit my last auditor was a nice guy. But, he did take up my time during vintage and I hate having my time wasted when I’m in the middle of working 100 days in a row and trying to make the best wines I can).

The thing that gets me is where the 85% figure came from in the first place? Its just a made up number!

So, as a very logical person, I fail to understand why you would rigorously enforce a law based on a number that has no meaning. So, anyhow, the wines back (albeit with a slightly different name).

Its a lovely little number. Soft, aromatic and pleasingly different. Good Grenache is like that. Its very seductive.

It isn’t a big bottling, so if you are chasing it contact Linda on (02) 65747000 or email bosshog@piggspeake.com.

The 2014 is currently scheduled for bottling on the 2nd of February 2015.

Cellar Door $55

Lucky Swines $45 

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Contact Linda on (02) 65747000 or email bosshog@piggspeake.com