2014 Pigs Blood

The Chambourcin for the 2014 Pigs Blood is once again off the Benwarrin Vineyard which is located just down the road from Piggs Peake towards the centre of Pokolbin. Chambourcin is a funny variety being whats referred to as a hybrid grape. Whats a hybrid? Its a sexual cross of two different species which results in an off spring. So, imagine a whale and a dolphin or a lion and a tiger sitting around a fire place, drinking red wine and listening to Barry White records. The result being a Liger or a Wholphin. Ligers and Wholphins have occurred in captivity (hey, put someone in jail long enough and all sorts of things go through your mind) but they don't occur in the wild.

So, Chambourcin is a sexual cross of Vitis Vinifera (the grape species from Europe that the vast majority of the world uses to make wine) and Vitis Lambrusca (the grape species from America that makes shocking wines). American grapes contain compounds in them that give the wines a musty, rutting animal smell. Many winemakers refer to it as smelling like a foxes lair (me, I have different hobbies to smelling animals burrows, but there you go). But, American grapes have sensational colour, brilliant natural acidity and incredible disease resistance.

So, over the years people have attempted to create a “SUPER GRAPE” by crossing American and European grapes with the hope of getting the best attributes of each into one plant. Chambourcin is the closest anyone has ever got to pulling it off.

It has astounding colour (thus the name), brilliant natural acidity, amazing disease resistance and a tendency to taste like ass.

Doh! But, I have a pet theory...........

I have no idea if this is true or not, but my pet theory is that Chambourcin’s negative flavour compounds are located in the skins of the grape. So, when the grapes first come in, we don't crush them, we simply remove the stalks thus keeping most of the grapes quite intact and minimising the juice to available skin ratios to keep negative flavours to a minimum. Then, we ferment it cold (same logic) and take the skins out much earlier then usual (same theory).

The problem then is the wine lacks tannin structure, which is a constant criticism of Chamboucin at any rate.

So, a 20% addition of one of our nastiest McLaren Vale Shiraz’s provides the tannin structure to support the wine and a bit more flesh on the palate.

The resulting wine is big and plush. It's a lovely drink and a big mouthful of flavour.

Taa Daah! A Chambourcin for people who love wine. Whoda thunk it? Anyhow, the Swines have really honed in on the Pigs Blood and it seems to be disappearing not long after its official release in June each year now.

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