2015 House of Bricks Cabernet

High on the hills on the western side of Orange sits the famous Cargo Road Vineyard. Just outside the cellar door there is a thirty year old dry grown Cabernet vineyard which is capable of making a truly lovely perfumed yet powerful style of Cabernet.

It is Cabernet that provides the structure or as I think of it, the skeleton of this wine. But, it’s the 9% Merlot (which isn’t on the label cause Aussies frown on blends) which fleshes out the wine and the 5% petit verdot which completes it.

Drinking straight Cabernet is often like riding a pushbike down railway tracks...

You need a splash of Merlot for flesh and petit verdot for colour and structure. 

Anyhow, I digress. The Merlot is also from Cargo Road and the Merlot vineyard is planted in such a way that it looks like a continuation of the Cabernet. The petit verdot is from McLaren Vale. 

This is one of those lovely wines that has everything going on which will also reward a decade or more in the bottle if you choose to cellar it.

As a young wine the nose is all chocolate, blackcurrant and red berries. Over time the blackcurrant will get more pronounced and tobacco/cigar box characters will come through.

Cellar Door $55

Lucky Swines $45

Cellar Door $55

Lucky Swines $45

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