2015 House of Bricks Grenache Shiraz

I think this is a lovely little wine…………..

Typically, if I see a Grenache Shiraz blend in Australia it’s a blend where both components come from South Australia.

They are very good and I'm a fan of that style.

But, I've always wondered what would happen if we used a cool climate, high altitude Shiraz instead of one from South Australia.

Something more elegant and perfumed instead of rich and bold.

So, we did it!

The House of Bricks Grenache Shiraz is a roughly 3:1 blend of old vine McLaren Vale Grenache with Orange Shiraz.

The Grenache gives huge, sweet fruit flavours while the Shiraz gives structure and palate weight.

Its an unashamed fruit bomb for those who like wines with big fruit characters.

It was only a small bottling in 2015 so if you are after this wine please contact Linda soon. 

Cellar Door $55

Lucky Swines $45 

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