2015 Pig Schist Touriga

Touriga is a traditional Portuguese varietal.

Yes, it’s used to make Port, but it is also used to make dry red wine.

We have had Touriga in the winery now a couple of times (we made it in to a fortified the first time) and it really surprises me.

As a dry red it comes across light and floral with a surprising fullness to the palate. It’s a good drink.

During my studies of the variety when I was trying to get my head around it I read that in Portugal that it was commonly grown in a soil type named Schist. I couldn’t resist using that in the name...

The Swines price is $38 and the cellar door price is $45. 2015 was a cracker year for this variety in McLaren Vale so I'd get in early. 

Cellar Door $55

Lucky Swines $45

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