2016 Rosed Pork

I normally couldn’t be bothered drinking Rose’.

I don’t get the hot pink, sweet offerings you seem endlessly presented with in Australia.

They always look to me like someone has mixed a dud red with a dud white, threw in some sugar and called it Rose’.

At Piggs Peake we make Rose’ properly.

We have a Cabernet vineyards on top of the mountains out the western side of Orange.

It’s a lovely cool site that grows wonderfully aromatic Cabernet.

We pick it early for the Rose’ and soak the skins in the juice for 24 hours to get the level of colour and tannin we desire.

The skins are then removed and we treat the juice like a white wine from there on.

A specific yeast we found conducts the ferment at really low temperatures to further retain lifted fruit aromas.

The nose of this wine is like Strawberry cream lollies while the palate is clean with enough sweet fruit flavours to make it interesting.

Cellar Door $28

Lucky Swines $24

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