2016 Sows Ear Semillon

What a year 2016 was!

Huge rain and then hail.

Our old Semillon vineyard probably has never seen weather like it, and that’s saying something.

I think I was on record as quoting luminaries such as Mike Tyson at one point when people asked me how vintage was going.

I always remembered Mikes quote “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the head”.

Aint that the truth.

And so, the body blows kept coming as the weather got more and more feral.

Something Ive learnt about winemaking is simply that you have to stay in it to win it.

The Hunter has this habit of beating you down and then at the last moment it gives you an opportunity and when that opportunity presents itself you need to produce a Rocky moment to pull off the win.

And, that was 2016.

Weirdly, inexplicably, despite everything, the Semillon ripened.

It was like some battle scarred war ship that wouldn’t go down. Half the crop was smashed to pieces by hail. The vines were standing in water but flavours developed, the sugar levels increased and the grapes were picked with text book flavours, sugars and acid contents.

Because of the crop losses due to hail I picked up a small parcel of fruit from our Chambourcin grower to top up the tank. Its on the side of a hill that every storm had gone around.

Ive never seen anything like it. It shouldn’t have happened by rights.

The wine has a lovely lemon butter nose and a fresh, clean citrus finish.

Its zesty and vibrant with an intensity of flavour.

Should be a ripper with a dozen Sydney Rock Oysters.

Cellar Door $32

Lucky Swines $28

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